Slide Gate Plate

A combination of two slide gate plates, one ladle nozzle and one collector nozzle form a set. This entire set is fixed on to the ladle. The ladle nozzle also known as inner nozzle or fixed nozzle is placed in a well block which is embedded in the silica ramming mass lining of the ladle. The slide plates are fitted outside the ladle in a mechanism which is hydraulically operated. The collector nozzle also known as outer nozzle is fitted to the bottom slide gate plate. This system is used for operating and controlling the flow of the molten steel from the ladle to the tundish. Life: For a 1 QC system on an average 50 to 60 MT of molten metal can be casted and for 2 QC system about 70 to 80 MT. Depending upon the capacity of the ladle the life can be calculated in terms of heats/campaigns. However, a lot depends upon the chemistry of the steel, and avoidance of slag flowing through the refractory system and much more on the adequate and proper cleaning of the bore of the slide plates and ladle nozzle.